Concert David Mendoza presents “Brazilian Music Concert” Monday 11th April 2022. ST PAULS CHURCH El Cardo # 6 Centro SMA 5:30 pm $700 pesos By Leslie Kain The Mexican talent of the music David Mendoza is one of the big promises of local artists. He is the only musician in town that can share several kind of shows, playing almost every genre. Whether it’s classical, jazz, movie soundtracks, Beatles hits, tangos, New Age music, Brazilian music and more. David Mendoza always brings something new to audiences. He’s not only a virtuoso violinist; he is a professional artist, composer, performer and producer who provides vibrant, passionate, moving experiences that spark energy and emotions in every audience. Mendoza curates the playlist of each performance, gathers and rehearses top local musicians (sometimes members of his talented family) in his ensemble, to deliver polished enjoyment. He is continually expanding and enhancing his skills and repertoire, and enjoys engaging with his audiences, often explaining the historical or cultural context of the compositions he performs. Mendoza’s audiences always leave excited, uplifted and energized by his eloquent, sensuous performances, which can elicit joy and tears in his ardent followers. David began his career at the age of 6 years old, learning piano classes, composing classical variations of Beethoven and Mozart. Studying Violin at the age of 8, showing a very talented kid. In a short age he started to domain 2 of the most difficult instruments. At age of 13 years old, during his teen age energy necessities, he decided to start with a harder and powerful instrument, Drums. Who makes David’s brain as a very complete musician. Graduated from the National Conservatory of Mexico City as a composer and multi- instrumentalist, David has the knowledge to be the producer and director of all his showing projects. He was praised by the Grammy Nominee Michael Hoppè as… -Wonderfully expressive musician, it’s quite simply, one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear. Being David the new violinist on Michael’s recent recordings as well as local concerts since 2017. For this next concert David and his musicians will share one of the most well loved and difficult kind of music to play, “Brazilian music”, from composers like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Pascoal, as well as Brazilian artists like Elis Regina, Tatiana Parra and María Rita. This beside the talented guitar player from Queretaro Felipe Muñoz, The amazing Mexican drummer Isaac Villagómez, the incredible David’s brother at the Double Bass Arturo Mendoza, the amazing pianist Ulises Bravo as well as the special guest David’s Mother Patricia Díaz. This will take place at St Paul’s Church at El Cardo # 6 Centro SMA, on its beautiful garden outdoor venue, having a beautiful indoor option in case of raining with Covid Healthy regulations. Tickets Available at Biblioteca Pública Insurgentes #25 Centro. If this is your first time with a David Mendoza’s show, believe me, you will come back for more. Leslie Kain is an Author/Novelist from Boston U.S.