David Mendoza presents “Classic Rock Concert”

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ST Pauls Church, El Cardo # 6, San Miguel de Allende, Gto

Concert David Mendoza presents “Classic Rock Concert” St Pauls Church El Cardo #6 Monday 25th April 2022. 5:30 pm $700 pesos

By Esther Asulito The phenomenal Violinist from Mexico City has born to share his amazing talent to people, many musicians has skills in their fingers, David Mendoza has skills in his soul, as well as in his technique. His playing is really dazzling, you can tell he is a big artist on every note he is playing. His followers can feel big compromise and healing on every performance with his incredible musicians and the amazing music he arrange or compose for his shows.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of attending a David Mendoza concert will have been able to experience the balance between passion, technique and the art of letting go. He is a great violinist, drummer and pianist, an incredible composer, as well as the director of his live performance ensemble. David puts his soul into everything he creates, making each phrase, each piece his own, with the expressiveness and sensitivity that characterizes him. Apart from mastering these three instruments, he also dominates various musical styles, demonstrating his great skill as a musician. In each concert he offers something different, always interesting and impeccable, with a great intensity and diversity of colors, sensations, emotions that he transmits in each note. He has music in the Veins. His training as a classical musician is perceived in his music, bringing these nuances closer to other more modern genres, and influenced by contemporary jazz, Brazilian, French, flamenco music, rock, among others. Graduates from the National conservatory, and born in a family of musicians, he has shared music since his 7 years old.

He was praised by the Grammy Nominee Michael Hoppe as…-Wonderfully expressive violinist, it’s quite simply…One of the most wonderful sounds you can hear. David has been the violinist of Michael Hoppe for the last 5 years on album recordings as well as his local concerts. Making together the last 2 Albums of Michael “Amistad” as well as “Beneath Mexican Stars” Without any doubt, David is on of the big promises of Mexican artists.

He is offering his last concert of the season at St Pauls Episcopal Church on El Cardo #6 Centro SMA. Beside some of the most talented musicians in Mexico. This time performing one of the favorite genres of 60’s and 70’s, “Classic Rock music” playing tunes by “Led Zepellin”, “Pink Floyd”, “The Eagles”, and “The Beatles. Featuring the amazing pianist Ulises Bravo, the incredible Isaac Villagómez on Drums, The wonderful Guitar player Felipe Muñoz as well as David’s brother Arturo Mendoza on the Bass. Without forgetting the special guest Patricia Diaz, David Mendoza’s mother.

Tickets are available at Bibiloteca Pùblica Insurgentes #25 Centro SMA.

If you are not one of those who have had the pleasure of attending a David Mendoza concert, what are you waiting for to discover this wonderful musician.

Esther Asulito is a talented flute player and singer from Spain living in San Miguel de Allende.

Through Pay Pal $750 pesos each ticket