David Mendoza presents

Tres Fuentes Hotel Boutique, Baeza # 7, San Miguel de Allende

Concert and Dinner David Mendoza presents a French Music Concert Sunday 13th March 2022. Tres Fuentes Hotel Baeza # 7 SMA Centro Concert 4:30 p.m. $750 +
Dinner (Optional ) 6:00 p.m $950

by Joye Moon

The phenomenal young violinist, composer and multi-instrumentalist David Mendoza has been playing around Mexico and Canada with some of the best young performers of his generation as well as some of the most experimented musicians, being the old school musicians, and the new age composers and performers part of his inspiration to make every concert he offer around town.

David began playing his violin on the streets of San Miguel years ago and it didn’t take long before other musicians noticed his expertise and passion in his work. He was invited quickly to join some of the best musicians in town, he shared stage with Gil Gutierre band and Gabriel Hernandez for 3 years. Now David is the local violinist of Grammy Nominee Michael Hoppè, as well as one of his favorite performers in every album he makes since 2017. Michael Hoppè praised David as; “Wonderfully expresive violin playing..It’s quite simply, one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear.”

David challenges himself with each concert he presents. You will enjoy different music genres with each concert which sets him aside from other performers. He is definitely the only musician in town that can play all genres, genres that he likes at least, between Classic music, Jazz, Rock, Hungarian music, Flamenco, Post rock music, Progressive rock and more. His violin influences are between Jean-Luc Ponty, Robby Lakatos and Fiona Monbet. David is a composer too and the director of every band he choose to play in every concert, this makes him a very skilled and complete musician, that offer very impressive and open heart experiences.

Music starts at 4:30 p.m and includes some of the most gorgeous traditional French waltzes, French classics as well as contemporary French music by Yann Tiersen the talented multi-instrumentalist and composer. This beside the talented French Accordion player Guillaume Pascual, Amazing drummer Isaac Villagómez, and the awesome David’s brother at the Double Bass Arturo Mendoza. If you have a chance to take in one of his concerts, for sure, you will be back for more!

This special evening will share a special (optional) dinner after the concert at 6:00 p.m that includes a three course dinner and one glass of wine. You can choose to see only the concert or enjoy a delicious dinner after it.

This will take place in the new gorgeous outdoor venue David Mendoza has for his performances, Tres Fuentes Hotel boutique in Baeza # 7, located just beside the big beautiful Parque Benito Juárez in San Miguel de Allende Downtown.

This will make a very memorable night in your life visiting or living in San Miguel de Allende, the heart of México.

Joey Moon is a professional artist from Wisconsin U.S.