Concert & Dinner

David Mendoza presents “Motion Picture Soundtracks concert” Monday 28th February 2022. Hotel Tres Fuentes Baeza # 7 Centro SMA Concert 4:30 pm $700 pesos + Dinner 6:00 pm $750 pesos

By Fil Formicola

Many people has been fortunate enough to see this incredibly talented young man playing the violin in one or two of his many on-stage performances. His violin playing has the peculiarity to touch the heart of his followers, affecting internally the soul of every listener. Is not a surprise finding yourself crying because of his deeply touching playing, more than any other player in town. The synchronicity between David and his Violin is just staggering.

He is maybe the only player in town that can play almost every genre, between Classic to Jazz, Rock, Pop, folk and contemporary music. Many people around over the world just come to see David perform his amazing violin. He also is a composer as well as the music director of every project in which he is involved. Many people is very fascinated about his growing career through the years in San Miguel, always setting challenges and overcoming. Having him in San Miguel as his main location is a gift to San Miguel Community.

As he progresses to the far edges of the musical universe, along with his disciplined confidence and creative freedom, touching even more deeply to people. Praised by the excellent English composer and Grammy nominee Michael Hoppé as..-“Wonderfully expressive violin’s quite simply…One of the most beautiful sounds you can hear”.

If you are lucky enough to witness a David Mendoza performance, “With David at the helm of his inner and outer instrument, the strings of his Violin will most certainly touch the strings of your heart.”

For this next concert he will share one of the genres he knows to play better “Motion Picture soundtracks”. Playing soundtracks between Schindler’s list to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Titanic and more.

This beside the great mexican pianist Liliana Gutierrez, the amazing drummer Isaac Villagómez, as well as the talented David’s brother Arturo Mendoza at the Double bass.

Music starts at 4:30 and includes some of the most famous as well as the most emotional movie music ever gritten for the best composers, played by the most talented young musician in town.

This special evening will share a special (optional) dinner after the concert at 6:00 p.m that includes a three course dinner and one glass of wine. You can choose to see only the concert or enjoy a delicious dinner after it..

This will take place in the new gorgeous outdoor venue David Mendoza has for his performances, Tres Fuentes Hotel boutique in Baeza # 7, located just beside the big beautiful Parque Benito Juárez in San Miguel de Allende Downtown.

This will make a very memorable night in your life visiting or living in San Miguel de Allende, the heart of México.

Fil Formicola is a great jazz singer living in San Miguel de Allende .

Through Pay Pal $750 each concert Ticket. $800 pesos each dinner ticket