David Mendoza presents a Motion Picture soundtracks concert

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Casa Rosada Hotel, Cuna de allende # 12, San Miguel de Allende, GTO.

Concert and Dinner David Mendoza presents “A motion picture soundtracks concert”. Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd November 2021. Reception 4:00 p.m. Concert 5:00p.m Dinner 6:30p.m Casa Rosada Hotel. Cuna de Allende #12 Centro. $600 pesos.

By: Magaly Martínez D.

I met this marvelous artist about a year ago, while he was playing the violin and I really got surprised about the wonderful things that I was listening and all the emotions I was feeling, and I’ve always been attached to music, but living the experience to hear David play the violin has been the most sensational sensations, it’s not only the pleasure to hear every single note, it’s the passion David shows in every show, every time I hear him play it feels like the very first time and I shudder but I always discover something different.

Definitely David Mendoza is one of the most talented humans I’ve ever met, it’s a huge honor to be able to enjoy the talent, passion, and the creativity he has. It’s amazing to feel the music in a different way. It’s great to have this kind of Mexican talents near us. When he performs you can tell the big commitment he has with the music, with his projects. Every genre he plays it shows the big effort that he has made over the years in his musical career, which will surely continue to grow thanks to that perseverance and love he has for music. We must continue being part of that support that he needs, be part of this growth… in each concert, each presentation, so that the marvelous talent that he has can continue to reach new ears and hearts over the world.

He has the power to wrap you with bright atmospheres of love with each note he makes with his violin, that sometimes turn into tears of joy, is just the big passion he has to perform his gorgeous music, or like Grammy nominee Michael Hoppè says about him: -Wonderfully expressive violin. Quite simply…One of the most beautiful sounds you can hear-.

I’m glad that I can see him live and enjoy a beautiful night with delightful music, a great conversation and the one of most delicious dinner in San Miguel. It’s an experience you will not regret!

For his next concert he will be sharing Motion picture soundtracks from classic movies like “Cinema Paradiso” by the Grammy winner Ennio Morricone, “Interstellar” from the Oscar winner Hans Zimmer as well as “Titanic” by Oscar winner James Horner and more. Beside the very talented Mexican pianist “Liliana Gutierrez”.

This will take place at the beautiful patio in the important architectonic piece of San Miguel de Allende “Casa Rosada Hotel”. Tickets are available on Biblioteca Publica, Insurgentes #25, Centro, SMA as well as in the Lobby Hotel Casa Rosada. Ticket includes a gourmet dinner (a main course and one drink) by the amazing Chef Carlos Daniel Salazar. Dinner time at 6:30 pm

Magaly Martinez D. is an artist from Celaya Gto.