David Mendoza presents a Tango Concert

Casa Rosada Hotel, Cuna de Allende 12, San Miguel de Allende

Concert & Dinner David Mendoza presents “A tango Concert” Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th November 2021.

Concert 5:00 p.m Dinner 6:30 p.m

Casa Rosada Hotel. Cuna de Allende #12 Centro. $750 pesos

By Christian Allen

When I met David Mendoza, I was captivated by the amazing art and passion he gives and share with everyone who wants to listen, appreciate, and stand for an art so original and gorgeous itself. Seeing the overflowing talent of a person who loves music touches the spirit, transforms your energy, and turns it into brilliant colors, in unique sensations and fills you with emotions that you can’t describe, but surely you can feel, and it undoubtedly heals you, in some way your heart recognizes the sound and with your eyes closed it takes you to beautiful landscapes that you can only imagine, magical and mistic places.

David Mendoza surrenders to his passion and everything in front of, below and around his vibe disappears. He connects to the Universe along with his music and transforms the energy of the world. In these times when what we see, hear and feel is pain, music, his music will always be a medicine for the soul. A caress to the senses. In every genre he plays you can really feel de soul of the melody; and I must say, not all musicians can do this for you, only a few real artists can wrap you into the soul of the music… For a moment I was speechless, then I start thinking about what I dream of and then, to very finale of the concert I felt so much happiness and an energy I can’t describe, you just have the need to thank him for this amazing gift he just gave to you in his wonderful and captivating performance. I lived a magical night in the heart of Mexico thanks to his art and his talent and to close with a flourish this magical night, the Casa Rosada Hotel offers you a delicious dinner with the Mexican and very talented Daniel Salazar. I absolutely want to repeat this experience! Go and live it yourself !

David expresses his music like a bird singing, with a natural way, that heals every person in contact with his vivid melodies. With simple melodies, romantic chords, expressive rhythm and profound musical colors through his artistic performances. Or like the Grammy nominee says… -Wonderfully expressive violin... Simply, one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear.

For this beautiful concert he will share a musical genre that he knows the most… Tangos! Beside the Mexican talent Liliana Gutierrez at the piano, the incredible French accordionist Camille García as well as the great drummer Juan José Cerdeneta; This will take place at the beautiful patio in the important architectonic piece of San Miguel de Allende “Casa Rosada Hotel”. Tickets are available on Biblioteca Publica, Insurgentes #25, Centro, SMA, and at the Lobby of Casa Rosada Hotel.

Christian Allen is a Journalist in Celaya Guanajuato.