David Mendoza presents a Tango Concert

Hotel Casa Rosada, Cuna de Allende # 21, San Miguel de Allende

By: Ana Maycotte

David Mendoza is an extremely talented human being, not only because of his extraordinary musical talent, but because of that love and intensity that he projects with his musical performance. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the sweet and vibrant music he makes, full of soft and energetic melodies, strong chords and enveloping rhythms that fills the soul with found emotions, that puts you in another world. Many of us cannot help crying between the marvelous pieces, getting excited like children and feeling our soul dance. Definitely an amazing, diverse and unique show that leaves every space and every corner vibrating by his marvelous talent. David Mendoza is a being that harbors such indescribable majesty that it is impossible not to notice it when he is on stage, you can perceive that he is in his element, like a bird in the air; he shares with you all his love and passion for everything he does… that apart from playing the violin wonderfully, he is an expressive on the piano and an intense on drums and a great creator as a composer; creativity, love, passion and intensity are what defines him as an artist, as honest as he is dedicated.

There is a truly unique gift on David, a very special one. A single man composing, playing the violin, piano, percussion and singing beautiful melodies for the same song is something that makes him understand music like no other and perform like just a few musicians in the world can do, likewise, seeing him share the stage with talented musicians and listening to his fusion of talents makes you shudder and get excited in a different way...

David has the peculiarity that, although you can perceive the complexity in his musical interpretation, he makes you feel the desire to take up the violin and run that bow as smoothly and delicately as only he knows how to do it. Clearly being in the presence of such a wonderful artist makes you see the world in a different way, at least for those moments ... if you already had the experience of listening to him, I'm sorry, there is no going back, you have only left the need to listen to artists as incredible as David Mendoza; and if you haven’t, you must, I promise you, you will not regret!

For his next concert he will share a musical genre that he knows the most… Tangos! Beside the Mexican talent Liliana Gutierrez at the piano, and the incredible French accordionist Camille García; This will take place at the beautiful patio in the important architectonic piece of San Miguel de Allende “Casa Rosada Hotel”. Ticket are available on Biblioteca Publica, Insurgentes #25, Centro, SMA.

Ana Maycotte is a Painter and Psychologist living in San Miguel de Allende.